Miracle Assistance Dogs Inc. is an approved training institution with Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs (GHAD) and are approved to train Hearing and Assistance dogs.

We are a volunteer-based organisation working with and training Assistance dogs for people living with disabilities.


Our Mission

To enrich the lives of those living with disability through the training of highly skilled and reliable Assistance Dogs, and by being a leader in our field.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people living with disability to gain independence and live more fulfilling lives by providing highly trained Assistance Dogs and developing community participation.

Our History

Miracle Assistance Dogs Inc. was founded by Carmel Kaczmar (affectionately known as Fudge), John Kaczmar and Reba Cawthorne on 23 February 2011 with the goal of providing highly trained, reliable assistance and hearing dogs to children and adults living with disability. It was initially known as Assistance Dogs NSW Incorporated (ADNSW). (Include Photo 5 – Founders in zip file)

On 22 December 2016, the charity’s name was changed to Miracle Assistance Dogs Inc to reflect the appreciative comments made by clients working with Miracle.

Miracle was the winner of the NSW Volunteer of the Year award by the Centre of Volunteering; Carmel Kaczmar was a finalist in the Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

Carmel Kaczmar won the People’s Choice Award in the Regional Achievement and Community Awards

27 June 2019
Miracle became accredited as an Approved Training Institution with GHAD.