Puppy Carers

Miracle raises puppies that enjoy the first year of their life with a Puppy Carer in the carer’s home.

A Puppy Carer is a very special role within Miracle as the Carer gets to bond with, raise, and train the puppy in beginner level of obedience. The Carer also exposes the puppy to a variety of positive life experiences, ensuring that the puppy is well-socialised and confident.

The responsibility of the Puppy Carer is to provide and care for the physical and psychological welfare of the puppy whilst in their care. This requires a considerable time commitment from the Carer.

Miracle is here to support our Puppy Carers emotionally and financially (approved expenses only), through this journey.

For more information about becoming a Puppy Carer please send an email to: info@miracleassistancedogs.org.au