Reeba and Teesha

Having an Assistance Dog is like having a helping hand and support staff beside you. Well, Teesha is for me.

Training with Teesha went better than I could have hoped for. She was a willing partner. Very eager to learn and then when her fluency was better, to perform her tasks. There was never a challenge. She just did the task. The training was always fun and full of encouragement from the trainer who was always available to help with tips and ‘how to’. It was made easy.

I struggle when I am in busy places like shopping centres or at events or shows or similar to the point I just didn’t go. Having Teesha has given me the confidence to now go to places like that. A new lease on my old way of life.

Teesha’s tasks are to help me carry things, pick up things I drop and open doors and drawers as I am often unable to do that.

Having other issues as well, I love Teesha’s ability to know when I ‘can’t do’. She will sit and watch me or lie down in front of me and just watch me till I interact with her. What a special girl.

Teesha best loves to play with water. She will bite the rolling waves or chase the sprinkler water or hose. As you can see, she tries to drink all the water before it fills the watering can. Maybe she is making sure it is OK to use.

Teesha and I have entered several obedience and rally trial. She has enabled me to do these as being the point of interest is extremely difficult for me. It’s just you, the dog and a judge. Teesha and I manage, and we do ok.

Life changing for me having Teesha.